Damp Proofing

Timber Treatment

Rising Damp Rising damp is caused by moisture from the ground rising by capillary action through porous masonry.  This phenomenon also caries hygroscopic salts from the ground.  These salts are deposited within the wall surface.  These have the ability to absorb atmospheric moisture.


The most effective and economical solution to this problem is the installation of a silicone-based Triton chemical damp proof course by low-pressure injection via holes drilled into the masonry structure.


Where plasterwork is contaminated by hygroscopic salts it must be removed and reinstated with either a salt retardant base coat or cavity membrane.  This prior to the plaster finish coat is applied providing a complete solution.


Damp proofing We offer a complete start to finish service of all aspects of the work. Our service includes the removal of radiators, bathroom and kitchen fittings, where necessary prior to the installation of the chemical damp course by injection, followed by the replacement of fittings, rendering and plastering and associated woodwork carried out efficiently by our qualified team.


TRI - CREMA unique silicone emulsion cream for injection into brickwork etc. for the control of rising dampness.  Tri - Cream can be used in all types of masonry without the use of high-pressure equipment.  The cream is delivered by hand pressure from a simple displacement pump and injector lance into a series of holes drilled into the mortar course.  Migrating rapidly into masonry pores, the injection cream reverts to a liquid phase and polysiloxanes are formed in situ.

Timber Woodworm is the generic term for a number of species of wood-boring insects.  The insects lay their eggs on timber and their larvae bore through the wood thus damaging and weakening the structure.  The larvae then pupate before emerging as adult beetles and flying off to lay eggs on fresh timber.It is the emerging adult that leaves the tell-tale flight holes and bore-dust – often the first signs of infestation.  The most common wood-boring insect infesting structural timbers in buildings in this country is the Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium Punctatum).


Timber Treatment

•A selection of professional timber control to treat dry rot/wet rot & woodworm 

•Using 3rd generation bicontinuous microemulsions

•All untreatable timbers can be removed and replaced by our craftsmen.

Condensation Vent Control

Sub floors

•Loft voids


Take Control of Condensation Windows dripping condensation, water pooling on sills, dampness, black mould growth on walls and ceilings, mildew on clothing, musty smell etc….  welcome to a typical UK home in winter.The positive pressure unit discreetly banishes condensation from homes. The unit gently introduces clean, fresh filtered air into the home, thereby improving indoor air quality.  This cleaner fresher air replaces moist damp air, created by everyday living.


•Whole home ventilation systems

•Single Room Ventilation

•Draughtproof wall ventilator for permanent air supply.

•Easy mounting with 105mm diameter cor drill. Telescopic for various wall thicknesses– no shortening of a duct.

•Minimal maintenance.•Good noise reduction for normal living environments.

•Condensation insulated.

•4 position cord operated air flow control.

•Insect screen.


The passive vent offers replacement air without draughts, four position airflow control, sound insulation, dust and insect filters, water deflector and fly screen on external grills.  It is also telescopic for different wall thickness.Although not as quick acting as dehumidifiers of positive air vent units, the passive air vent will give the same final result and so reduces condensation, black spot mould problems and there will be no future running costs to the householder.

Positive pressure units are designed to eliminate moisture from the home by a constant circulation of gently pressurised, clean air. Installed in either the loft of a house or a hallway cupboard in a flat, the gentle pressurisation of the property expels any stale, humid air through natural ventilation points which are present in even the most insulated buildings.Whole House Ventilation Running costs: Both the units described below are rated at 7 watts slow and 14 watts fast. Assuming electricity costs of 12 pence per unit, and that the units might be used for an average of one hour per day, running costs would equate to just 3 pence per day/21per week

Period Property Renovations

Roofing & Leadwork

Period Property Renovations Specialist Brickwork and Repair

We offer a full renovation service using a mix of traditional and present building methods. We are also able to source a high quality reclaimed building materials – bricks, floor pennants, oak beams and much more.New and traditional brickwork undertaken by fully qualified tradesmen. All aspects of brickwork also re-pointing, brick repairs and stabilizing and sealing off brickwork.

Roofing and Lead Work


Damp Ôut Ltd can carry out roof repairs to a full re-roof slate or tiled, replacement of lead valleys and chimney flashing. All UPVC facia and guttering replacement.Chimneys removed, repaired and re-pointed.Re-claimed tiles and slate available.

Thermal Imaging services Lowestoft-Suffolk
  • The services we offer are Damp proofing, Timber treatment, Condensation ventilation control, Renovation of period properties, Roofing and lead work & Thermal Imaging.

  • We are a Triton approved contractor and our damp proofing work is covered by the TUG 30-year guarantee. Damp Ôut Ltd is an approved company for insurance work.  


Flue Installations 

Thermal Imaging survey will detect not only hidden damp and water leaks to their origin also moisture that cannot be physically reached with moisture meters/hypo-meters.

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