Positive Pressure Units

Running costs: Both the units described below are rated at 7
Up to four humidity sensors can be fitted around the home all connected back to the main units described below to ensure total control. The air is delivered to the property through a centrally located inlet grille on the landing or hallway ceiling or a wall grille for properties without lofts.
Positive pressure units are designed to eliminate moisture from the home by a constant circulation of gently pressurised, clean air. Installed in either the loft of a house or a hallway cupboard in a flat, the gentle pressurisation of the property expels any stale, humid air through natural ventilation points which are present in even the most insulated buildings.
watt slow and 14 watt fast. Assuming electricity costs of 12 pence per unit, and that the units might be used for an average of one hour per day, running costs would equate to just 3 pence per day/21 pence per week.
Triton PPU Flat
A cupboard mounted unit for properties without lofts. Low wattage with 2-speed manually operated switch
. Extract speed 55 litres/second on fast speed or 44 litres/second on slow speed. Noise level (at full speed) is just 20dBA.

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